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Planning Your Wedding In Israel

I love meeting the bride. The excitement of the days ahead, the love, and the promise of a future all inspire me. It is such an honor to be a part of this monumental day and to plan the floral design with the bride. And then on the wedding day, watching it all come together with fresh beauty, scent and color, is a dream+

-+to behold.

To start off, I usually meet the bride at the wedding venue about a month before the wedding day. This way we can imagine, breathe and create our design to match the ambiance of the venue. We also consider the wedding season and we explore any other personal inspiration for the bride. If the bride is overseas, I set up a meeting via Skype. To assist with ideas, I have a collection of photos from previous events and we explore a range of floral designs together to custom make the bespoke arrangement to personally suit each bride and her unique wedding day.

I was especially excited for a recent wedding in Jerusalem where the bride was from my native Australia. Our wedding venue was Olmaya, Jerusalem. For our Jerusalem flowers, we chose a beautiful combination of colors featuring burgundy with a touch of peach, white and pink. Our Aussie bride loved the color burgundy which flowed well with the Jerusalem flower season where burgundy peonies are in full bloom in December.

As she stood in royal white overlooking Jerusalem of Gold, her Jerusalem flower bouquet added a rainbow of colors to the stunning setting. Matching centerpieces adorned the wedding tables, glowing in soft candlelight. And the Jerusalem Chuppah featured climbing vine-like green wreaths with a bouquet base of burgundy, peach, white and pink.

With the psalm of “If I forget Thee O Jerusalem…” and the sound of the breaking glass, the fresh scent of Jerusalem flowers lingered in the cool mountain air as we sang Mazal Tov to the newly married couple.

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