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Planning an event, whether it is a Bar Mitzvah, a Bat Mitzvah, a Wedding, or a special birthday celebration, can be very overwhelming. There are so many large and small details to think about and account for. The venue is definitely a key decision which informs so many of the other details.

Working as an event florist, I have been privileged to plan events in some of the top wedding halls in Jerusalem. All of them are unique in their own way and cater to both intimate as well as large scale events. I love each of them for different reasons - some for their connection to our historical roots; others for their magical ambiance or serene gardens; and others for their architectural finesse, modern design, and spectacular backgrounds of panoramic views. In this blog post, I have chosen to list the 10 top wedding halls in Jerusalem for every budget to help guide you as you begin planning your event. To assist, I have highlighted the key features of each venue and why I love each one.

David Citadel Hotel

The Venue: This stunning high end hotel has several halls and an exclusive and enchanting terrace which is perfect for wedding ceremonies, cocktail receptions and dinner parties. The variety of halls accommodate from small intimate affairs up to large scale events. The Grand Ballroom is prestigious and luxurious, including Jerusalem limestone and an ornate Moroccan-style ceiling.

Why I love it: This unique location overlooking the Old City and the Tower of David provides a very magical and dreamlike Chuppah experience, as well as a luxurious ambiance.

Capacity: 50-500


Mamilla Hotel

The Venue: This venue is ideal for large family gatherings, wedding receptions and grand scale Bar Mitzvahs. It is modern with artistic contemporary decor.

Why I love it: The ballroom is perfect for elegant and sophisticated events with a central location, just outside the Old City walls but close to the center of the New City.

Capacity: 50-300

Cost: $$

Beit Shmuel

The Venue: This venue has a variety of halls to choose from. The Blaustein Hall is of unique architectural design and situated on the roof of the building. Covered by a glass dome, it allows for an amazing panoramic view of the Old City walls and the Tower of David. The elegant terrace extending outside this hall includes a unique outdoor space with potted plants and breathtaking views. The Beit Shmuel Patio provides a serene inner courtyard surrounded by archways and water channels. It is ideal for an intimate Jerusalem style Spring event or on a balmy Summer evening.

Why I love it: The glass dome roof provides a special Chuppah setting surrounded by Jerusalem of Gold as the sunlight bounces off the Jerusalem stone.

Capacity: 50-300

Cost: $$

Aish Hatorah

The Venue: This venue is in the heart of the Old City, just opposite the Kotel / Western Wall. It is a perfect venue for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, as well as weddings. With several halls to choose from, the Aish Hatorah venue caters to both grand scale and more intimate events, with an amazing Chuppah view of the Western Wall and Temple Mount.

Why I love it: If you are looking for a special Kotel experience, this is the ideal top wedding hall in Jerusalem. With amazing Chuppah views of the Western Wall and Temple Mount, as well as the sweet melodious sounds of prayer and song from the Kotel, you will enjoy the most beautiful and spiritual experience at your celebration.

Capacity: 50-250

Cost: $$$

Nevel David / Harp of David

The Venue: This venue, situated right next to David’s tomb and just outside the walls of the Old city, offers magical and breathtaking views of Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives. Nevel David doubles as an art gallery and is beautifully designed to provide a unique experience. The rooftop terrace is lined with beautiful potted plants and provides exquisite panoramic views of Old Jerusalem.

Why I love it: This venue is magical and intimate. Its ancient echoes of biblical times and the artistic decor within the Jerusalem stone provide an authentic Jerusalem experience.

Capacity: 50-200

Cost: $$

Beer Bazaar

The Venue: In the heart of the Machane Yehuda Market (Shuk), this small intimate hall provides a unique trendy vibe. The food and drink is in house but you can bring in your own decor to personalize your event style. This venue is perfect for birthdays, intimate parties and concerts.

Why I love it: This venue combines the hustle and bustle of the Shuk with a unique trendy hip vibe. The food and beers are of stellar quality

Capacity: 50-100

Cost: $

Hotel Yehuda

The Venue: Hotel Yehuda overlooks the Massuah Hillside, harmoniously blending the bustling city with secluded nature and crystal mountain air. This is a beautiful quiet venue, including a green garden, pool and amphitheater. The hall encompasses a stunning stone structure and is perfect for weddings, Bar/Bat mitzvahs and corporate events.

Why I love it: It is simply magical and harmonious!

Capacity: 50-300

Cost: $$

Mount Zion Hotel

The Venue: This boutique hotel is rich with history and splendor. The halls have been crafted from Jerusalem stone, including high ceilings and large arched windows to capture the light and provide views of the spectacular landscapes surrounding the venue.

Why I love it: A charming venue blending a rich historical setting with panoramic views and stunning gardens, all in a luxurious and unique atmosphere.

Capacity: 50-350

Cost: $$

Israel Museum

The Venue: This venue is perfect for other private events as well as intimate weddings. For those wanting to experience a cultural, artistic and archaeological experience, this venue allows you to party and socialize alongside unique pieces of sculpture, art and Judaica featured throughout the historical ages. The indoor and outdoor spaces are magnificent and rich with the Museum’s art work and stunning design.

Why I love it: A bespoke and unique eclectic experience in the heart of Jerusalem that is tailor made to your needs.

Capacity: 50-250

Cost: $$


The Venue: This exclusive wedding or Bar/Bat Mitzvah venue provides breathtaking panoramic views of the Old City walls and the Jerusalem hillside. With modern architectural design, it blends the best of both the new and old Jerusalem.

Why I love it: Olmaya’s unique and luxurious style set against the Jerusalem historical and architectural backdrop makes this a dream location for your event.

Capacity: 50-400

Cost: $$$

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