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Your color palette for your wedding season

Today’s gorgeous weddings take their inspiration from the seasons and the results are stunning!

I always tell my brides that once the hall is chosen and the date is set, the first thing is to look at the wedding season. Will you be having a fall wedding in Israel? A summer wedding? Once you know the timing, you want to choose a magnificent color palette that suits the season and reflects who you are.. Because nothing sets the tone of your beautiful seasonal wedding in Israel like a fabulous color palette.

As a wedding designer, I help guide my brides to the color choices that are right for them. Every hue speaks volumes, and putting the right colors together makes for a visual harmony that really makes the wedding.

Of course it's not just about the color of the wedding party. It's an entire theme that can be carried through in any and every detail from furnishings to napkin rings.

The first place I would look to for inspiration is what flowers will be blooming in the season of your wedding. Then, naturally, the colors that are just perfect for each season. For example, in winter you might want to use deep purples, reds or burgundies or perhaps a beautiful emerald green. In the spring you might choose shades of pinks and peach. But there are so many other choices! I love when my fall brides embrace darker pinks, purples and burgundy tones while my summer brides tend to go with white, soft pink, dusty blues and lavenders. Or even a favorite color palette that best suits the bride’s skin tone.

Colors are so much more than what you see. When I look at a wedding we designed and created with soft grey or a dusty blue color palette it makes me feel calm and relaxed. Rose quartz and pale yellow gives off a romantic vibe. Black & white feels bold and strong. Your wedding should reflect your mood and your should reflect you!

When you're choosing your colors, it's important to know that monochromatic colors look best. You should stick with colors that are placed next to each other on the color wheel.

I love using the chosen color palette throughout the event. Remember that everything has a color. Why not coordinate? You can use it in the invitations, seating cards and menus. Then we will arrange the flowers to match the color palette beautifully. The furniture, linens and table accents can also be color-coordinated. But no reason to stop there; besides for the obvious bridal party you can incorporate the palette in all other elements such as table overlays, under-plates, accessories, candles, napkin rings, party favors, wine glasses, vases and logo. It is limited only to your imagination.

Through all of these beautiful details we create the perfect color scheme for your wedding.

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