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Designing events in Israel and telling your story through your event requires much creativity and attentions to detail. Every event is unique, and should be catered for you. Here are some key tips that will elevate your event to the next level.

1. Season: Seasonal trends are a natural part of event planning and design. It’s important to remember that events in Israel follow somewhat different seasons with regards to both holidays and weather. Always use what’s in season, as it will be most fresh and beautiful. In the summer, many plants can be cut and used in floral arrangements.

While the Jewish holidays carry the calendar throughout the year, wildflowers burst forth with their riot of color not only in spring, but in the middle of winter! Truth be told, it’s amazing how every year the flower market in Israel creates more and more flowers. For instance last year Israel started producing peonies in the winter, and they are magnificent!! Exotic flowers can be purchased all year round from Holland. Taking note of the seasonal motifs in Israel, as well as seasonal flowers, will help you know what is available and when, and allow you to take advantage of the best Israel has to offer.

2. Color Palette: Naturally, coordination is key; your event color palette is one of the most important elements that make up the experience, creating an atmosphere. In Israel you can take your color cues from the environment and the seasons. I’ve done events in Israel in natural settings that are green and lush, and in ones with the soft colors of sun-bleached stone or desert sand. I’ve also done events in super-modern city event halls.

When choosing colors for you event, monochromatic colors always look best. In the summer we tend to use softer pallets, such as yellow and green, lavender, and pink. In the winter, we choose deeper, darker tones such as deep reds, burgundies and purples. The flowers that are in season in the summer in Israel are of course multi hued and beautiful; but the flowers in season in the winter are also amazing and the colors they come in are phenomenal. Using color for your event creates an atmosphere; using brighter color, for example, enhances a room more then lighter colors. Anything is possible when you understand the possibilities.

3. Creating an atmosphere: One of the most important factors in holding a fabulous event in Israel or anywhere is to achieve the ‘perfect atmosphere.’ Lighting, furniture rental, flowers, props all enhance the vibe you are going for. Dimming the lights and using lots of candles can transform any venue! It’s always important to me to design the events in a way that enables the guests to relax, interact with one another and enjoy the event's proceedings.

4. The ‘wow’ factor’: As an event designer, I believe that you always want to have that unique element to your affair that stands out; a focal point to ‘wow’ your guests. Your event will be remembered by that special element. Sometimes it can be an amazing hanging feature, or floral arch. I love to use one unique piece for each of my clients’ events, making their event special for them.

5. Location: When choosing the location for your event in Israel you will find the options are more varied than almost any other place in the world. Because no other country has such variation in topography and even weather in such a small area. And the views! They’re incredible. Take advantage of what Israel has to offer you. Whether it’s the beach or mountains, desert or city, historic or modern… your perfect event can be held in the perfect place.

6. Attention to detail: When I put together the perfect event it’s never an accident — it’s listening to the client, paying meticulous attention to detail, and putting together the many, many small particulars that all come together to create that polished, flawless experience you expect. Under plates, specialty tablecloths, napkin ties, giveaways, and more. Plus using your logo and color palette throughout your event. These details carry through your entire event to make it extra special.

7. Follow the trends: My clients want to have their events using the latest exciting, modern, and on-trend ideas. So I am constantly looking to see what’s hot, and coming up with new ways to make their special evening stand out.

8. Pulling it all together: Flowers, table runners, under plates, napkin rings, creative tablecloths… every element needs to be designed to work together. For instance, when I use candles and lighting it needs to be placed just so to create perspective and balance, and to draw the eye and attention to where you wish it to go.

Once I have planned everything with my client, and we’ve worked out the unique concept that works for them and will tell their story throughout the event, the client can relax while I tend to all of the details to create and design the event of their dreams in Israel.

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